BTP Room Rules Explained
We are as much as possible a Free Speech Room. Here are the exceptions:

  • Do not post users personal information:
    Other users personal information (or links to such) must never be posted. This includes: pictures of them, last name, address, phone, location or any other information that can lead to the user . One never knows who may be lurking and posting such you are not only subject to banning but legally and morally responsible should anything happen to them as a result.

  • No pornography:
    1) Pornography in this chat is defined as any image what shows pubic area no matter if it is a picture, a drawing, or even a work of art. The staff is not expected to make a judgement on every type of picture and for this reason no pubic area in any picture is the rule. This includes posting links to such.
    2) No pictures are allowed that show gore or dismembered bodies whether for good reasons for bad ones. This includes traffic accidents, beheadings, abortions, etc.

  • No illegal activities:
    An illegal activity is hereby defined as any activity that can be reported to the police for action on their part. If you have information on such activity do report it to your local or federal police. They are the ones able to make a judgment on such and take action. Banning is not an effective action for such, though a user may be banned.

  • Do not interfere with the integrity of the chatroom:
    Examples of interference with the room are: Having more than one Username, spamming posts, impersonating staff, giving out false information about the room or the staff, harassing the staff, or bypassing a ban by using another handle. Additionally attempting cybersex or requesting sex is not permitted.

  • You must be 18 or over to use this chat:
    This is an adult room with free speech. Please do not bring your kids to the chatroom or allow any under 18 years old to view the chat.

Reporting an infraction of the rules:
Email the chatstaff address on the front page. Please include the post number and date of the relevant post so it can be verified.

Banning time is arbitrary. It may be a day, it may be months. The intent is never punishment but is intended to discourage the infraction from being repeated. We do not take into consideration political party, religion, location, race, etc. We do take into consideration the degree of the offense and if it has been repeated.

If you have been banned:
You are welcome to email the chatstaff at the address on the front page for review.